Words of Our Clients

At Posh Paws, we're not only committed to providing the best care for our clients and their pets, we think of our clients and pets as family. Without our family, we wouldn't be where we are today, or have the ability to take care so many households. Here are some of what our family members have to say.

Margaret Howard, San Luis Obispo
“We are new to the SLO area and delighted to have found Katie and Randy of Posh Paws as a resource to pet sit for our two dear young pups, an active 2 yr old border collie and a 5 month old lab puppy. They came with several glowing references and had reasonable pricing, so we were pleased to find them. We entrusted them to care for our dear little pups and housesit for more than 2 weeks while we were away in London. We received regular email updates from Randy while we were gone and came home to 2 happy pups, freshly bathed and a home even cleaner than when we left. We would recommend Posh Paws without reservation”.
Deborah Trendel-Leader, Paso Robles
“Excellent service. Well worth every penny”.
S.R., Arroyo Grande
“We have had very good experiences with Katie and Randy on multiple occasions. We have found them to be very trustworthy and would certainly use them again!”
Sharon Fitch, Morro Bay
“We love to take our little Chihuahua, Coco, with us when we travel, but it’s not always possible. That’s why we are thrilled to recommend Posh Paws Pet Sitting.

When we took a 12-day trip recently and had to leave Coco at home, we were so comforted to leave Coco with Katie. She took such great care of her and also of our home. It was reassuring to know that Coco was being well cared for and her needs were being so well accommodated.

Not only was Katie very conscientious in finding out about and catering to Coco’s special quirks and needs, but when our dishwasher overflowed, her husband, Randy, came by to wait for the repairman to get it fixed! We definitely will be using Posh Paws again!”
Gary and Suzanne Wells, Santa Maria
"Observant, caring, capable, and able to think outside the box. That’s what struck me about Katie in our interview. We have 10 rescue (and once-feral) cats and 2 old deaf dogs on a rural ranch with other ferals, coyotes, bobcats, snakes and fires, so there’s always something new to deal with. We have indoor, outdoor, and indoor-outdoor cats, all fed separately twice a day. They eat different food formulas, and all are brought in to their own spaces before dusk. Several need medication, and there are cat fights to prevent. We also have a fear-aggressive, deaf dog and a deaf dog who can barely walk - both need attention and patience. Lastly, we’d had a nightmare pet sitter experience in the past and were reluctant to trust anyone.

Katie and Randy quickly grasped our pets’ needs, their personalities, and our complex situation. Their questions and methodology are professional and both are educated in pet first aid, a definite plus. We literally gave them a book of instructions and they actually used it! Katie called every day and kept us informed of the positives and negatives of the situation. One cat never wants to go in at night, but Katie worked patiently with him for several hours until he did. Our previous pet sitter didn’t take that kind of time or effort. For Katie there was no doubt - Tonto has to come in.

We came home to calm, content pets - no one was hiding, lost, or stressed (as happened before). All medications were given, and Katie even got all the feeding schedules and bedtime arrangements right. Katie’s been with us for over a year now, and we’re so relieved to have competent pet sitters who take their job seriously. Our feedings, illnesses, medications, and routines constantly change, but as long as we communicate, Katie and Randy follow our instructions. They have a quiet gentle attitude that our rescue animals respond well to. When we’ve had glitches, Katie’s open to improvement and resolution and doesn’t let egos get in the way. Bottom line - our pets like and trust Katie and Randy, and they‘re happy with them, and so are we”
PJ, San Luis Obispo
“Katie came highly recommended from another longtime user of her services. We met for an in-depth interview at my home to meet the dogs, understand their daily routine, and what was expected of her during my absence. I felt extremely comfortable leaving my dogs and home in Katie's hands during my absence. I had Katie stay at my home while I was gone to give it that lived-in look and to ease any anxiety my animals may have while I was out of town. My home was in the same condition as I left it and my animals were all happy and hardly noticed my absence. Katie is fully insured, which also added peace of mind to my leaving for a few days. I have since used Katie on two separate occasions and will continue to do so on a regular basis. She is great with my animals and treats them as her own. I highly recommend her services to anyone who doesn't want to kennel their animals”.
Don and Adrienne Nicholson, San Luis Obispo
“We can’t say enough about our appreciation for Posh Paws Pet Sitting Service. We have two "special needs babies" – our Pekingese, DJ, tends to be frightened by people he doesn’t know, loud noises, falling leaves, the wind, anything that takes him by surprise; our Cocker Spaniel, Gilligan, is older with health issues and tends to like very few people outside our family. Consequently, prior to finding Katie and Randy’s Posh Paws Pet Sitting Service leaving them was stressful for them and even thinking about it was stressful for us. Now we never worry because they are happy to see Katie and Randy when they arrive and when we return they are rested, happy and healthy”.
Stephanie, San Luis Obispo
"Katie & her husband spoiled our dog Kismet with love and attention when they came to petsit. He was very happy and healthy when we returned home. Also, Katie was very thorough when she came to meet us the first time. I appreciated that she was not only concerned with taking care of our dog, but also our home and it's safety while we were away."
Sharon Simmons, Los Osos
“Katie and Randy are exceptional people who care for my pets in as close to the way I do as can be found. You don’t know me, but I am at my very core an animal lover. I was raised to treat all animals with respect and dignity, but especially for my pets, because they rely upon me for their every need, much as a child would. I was taught from the beginning to care for pets with all the attention they deserve, to treat them as sentient beings, with love, understanding and compassion, as their owner. Needless to say, when I cannot be with them, my standards for their care are very high.

After many pet care nightmares I asked Katie one day if she would stay with my dog and cat over a three-day vacation. That was eight years ago and many, many satisfied pet sitting dates later. When I come home I can tell by the way my pets greet me that they’ve been happy while I was away.

Katie has been around animals her whole life. She has a comfortable but firm style of handling animals that quietly lets them know she is in charge. Randy is more casual and animals simply go gaga over him. They make an amazing team. When you leave them in charge every detail is seen to with impeccable care. They interact with the animals, observe safe handling, and ensure that their routine is maintained – something that animals count on so much, which subsequently creates continuity and reduces anxiety, resulting in fewer behavioral problems.

Katie and Randy can be counted on to provide the best pet care you can buy or rent. You can trust them in your home, with your possessions and with your fur-covered family. I can’t put a price on the peace of mind I experience when I know that Leo, Jake, Bella, Wylie and Olivia were/are in their capable hands. Their rates are shamefully affordable and your pets deserve the best”.
Kathy A., San Luis Obispo
“I have used Katie twice to take care of my cats while I was out of town. She does a great job with the cats and also takes care of the trash and mail. She sent me email reports of how the cats were doing as we'll. definitely recommended!”
Nichole Harless, Paso Robles
“As an owner of multiple pets, I've encountered great difficulty in finding reasonably priced, quality home care for my animals. I have very high standards, as not only are my animals spoiled, a few of them have special needs. I refuse to board/kennel my animals because they deserve better than a cage & are far more comfortable in their home environment, therefore handle my family's absences better.

First on my agenda after moving to the central coast was to find a great petsitter. I conducted several disappointing interviews...until I met Katie of Posh Paws. She sensed how protective I was & how particular I was about their care. She was the only person I interviewed that was prepared with written information, agreements, & she took notes!! Katie asked me to introduce her to all the furkids & she got on their level, gave them affection & immediately made notations of their names, appearance & needs. All my doubts disappeared; not only had I found someone I was comfortable with, but she was also very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, & had similar high standards of pet care.

I've only become more comfortable with Posh Paws over the past two years & multiple times they've pet sit for us. Katie & Randy feel like family to us & treat our animals like family. They've been there for us for planned extended vacations, a quick stop when I had a day run longer than expected, and even at a moments notice when I birthed my baby girl. Never do I worry about the safety or happiness of my pets, or security of my home. They know how I obsess about my animals and send me quick little texts of how things are going or some funny thing the kitten did, or just to remind me @ what time they last gave the dog his meds. I'm so grateful for Posh Paws and so are my pets! I think its a vacation for my pets when Katie & Randy come because they get non-stop affection! I could go on & on with wonderful things to say about Posh Paws...they are truly wonderful people & adore animals. You'll certainly agree & your pets will too!”
Sally P., Arroyo Grande
“Posh Paws provides the very best House and Pet Sitting services. The most imporant thing for me is that they are always available for last minute bookings. My work takes me out of my home for weeks at a time and I have complete confidence in the care that is provided in my absence”.
The Millers, Arroyo Grande
"Three years ago my husband and I decided that we needed to start working on our travel ‘bucket list’ while we were still healthy and mobile.

One problem we had was how to take care of our two aging dogs who were no longer able to handle a conventional kennel boarding situation(one of them would get stress-induced pancreatitis because of the upset of being away from home). The other problem was finding someone who could also take care of our two old, cranky Senegal parrots who had their own set of quirks.

We needed someone who could stay at the house, administer an extensive array of medications and handle the demands of geriatric pets. After contacting various pet sitters who were reluctant to take care of birds or deal with all the medications the pups needed we found Katie and Randy. After a thorough consultation process(Katie interviewed us and the pets!) we started out with a four day trip.

When we came home the dogs didn't give us a second glance-they were relaxed, content and not stressed out & the parrots didn't even know we had been gone. Since that first pet sit we have embarked on extended trips to Iceland, New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies as well as shorter outings. We have been able to do this because of the meticulous care that Katie and Randy provide not only for our furry and feathered kids but also our home. We have peace of mind in knowing that they will be pro-active in dealing with anything that might arise. This is very important because in our travels we have found ourselves in areas with limited or no phone/internet access and we haven't worried because we know that things are being taken care of back home. We like to "blame" Katie and Randy for the fact that we are continuing to be able to accomplish our goal of traveling the world. "
Courtney J., Arroyo Grande
“I was very happy with Posh Paws services. I am an admittedly high maintenance pet owner who expects a lot for my pets. Katie was thorough and professional. My pets were well cared for in my absence and my house was in the same shape I left it in upon my return, clean. I would highly recommend their service”.
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