Exceptional Service

Posh Paws is committed to providing exceptional customer service to both their clients and their pets. Each service is custom tailored to meet the normal day in and day out routines of your pets. We provide services to large animals, such as horses to small household pets and livestock. Here you will find our basic services, but they are not limited to meeting our clients everyday needs. Bottom line, if there's a service you need, we will provide it!

Walks / Exercise
$25 - 1/2 hour

$30 - 1 Full Hour
Walks and exercise are services for both dogs and horses. Routes and routines will be carried over as if you never left. Services start at arrival and conclude when leaving the clients grounds. Services do not include feeding. Look for pet sitting services.
Pet Sitting / Hotel Services
$35 - First 3 Hours

$25 - For Each Hour After First 3 Hours
This service covers everything your pet is used to on a daily basis. Pet sitting and hotel services includes feeding, walks and medication administration. Daily routines will be covered at your free consultation. If you need overnight services, it can be added to this service for a $55 fee.
Overnight Services
$55 For a 12 Hour Overnight Service

This service covers everything outlined in standard pet sitting service. This service includes feeding, walks and medication administration. Daily routines will be covered at your free consultation. This service cover a 12 hour period specified by the client.
Equine Care
To Be Determined at Time of Consult

Equine care is a service designed for even the most unique horse. This service covers feeding, excerise, medication administration, accessory application and removal, stall mucking, let in and let out, and all additional required routine maintenance. We understand each horse is unique and requires specific care, this service is custom tailored to just that.
Pet Baths
$25 For Each Bath

Pet baths are a great way to have a clean and happy pet to come home to, without the fuss. Pat baths can be scheduled at time of booking, and due to potentially unknown alergies, we ask clients to have cleaning products available before services are performed.
Pet Taxi
$25 - Per Hour

Posh Paws provides transportation services to veterinarian appointments, shipping centers or exchange points. We travel nationaly and internationaly with the option of extended services. Freight and additional costs may apply.
Exotic Pet Care
To Be Determined at Time of Consultation

Posh Paws provides services for exotic animals, such as Gorillas, Peacocks, Zebras and Monitor Lizards. Since each exotic animal is different from the next, details and estimated costs will be determined at your free inital consultation.
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