Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a licensed pet sitter mean?
Being a licensed pet sitter in the State of California simply means you’re a licensed business. There are no requirements or additional licensing to become a pet sitter in the State of California. Just like any other business in the state, it’s a license to do business.
Why is finding an insured pet sitter important?
Insurance, in the State of California, is not required to be a pet sitter. There are more pet sitters in the County of San Luis Obispo that do not have insurance than those that do. This is a very important thing to look for when you trust the safety of your pets to a caretaker. If a pet sitter doesn’t have an interest in insuring your pet, they won’t likely take care of their medical expenses if something should happen.
Why don’t you have prices for horse and exotic animal care?
Horses and exotic animals are a special class of animals for pet sitting. Not only are these animals very different for regular household animals, but each animal in their species usually require different care. Many times, these animals are kept off site, require specific daily rituals, require special food and rely on daily cleanup. We don’t believe in increases prices after they’re already set, so this is why we determine these prices after a free consultation.
Do you provide services to locations outside San Luis Obispo County?
Yes, we do! We’ve provided services to Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles before and provide a pet taxi to anywhere in the country. These services are available, but are quite a bit extra than the prices listed on our rates page. Please call for a quote outside of our service area.
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